Learn how to improve your running in a caring, nonjudgmental atmosphere!

We’d all like to keep running until the wheels fall off, right? How will this workshop benefit you? Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Can’t seem to get your breathing going?
  • Is there something you’d like to fix about your stride, but you can’t figure out what it is?
  • Are you getting wiped out on Cat Hill or Harlem Hill?
  • Are you looking for new race strategies?
  • Would you like to recover faster from injuries or maybe even prevent them?


If these or any other issues sound familiar, bring them along. This class is for you, and I look forward to helping you work them out. Be prepared to work (not too hard!), have fun, and share ideas with your teammates in a caring, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Who Is This Class For?

Women runners, age 50 to infinity

How Big Will This Class Be?

So that everyone can have an individual educational experience, class size is limited to TEN people.

How Will You Benefit?

You will learn how to:

  • Run with more ease and less strain
  • Improve your form
  • Connect with the joy of running in a new way


What Is This Class?

This class is about and for you! A few of you have already asked about particular issues that you’d like to work on.

What Is It Not?

This is not a running class! It is a class on improving your running form and posture. I am neither a running teacher nor a running coach. We won’t be doing speed work, hill drills, etc. BUT you will learn how to do those things much more efficiently.

What Do You Want to Work On?

What is the single most important issue or problem you’re having trouble with now?

Let me know, and I’ll work it into the class. If we don’t get to everyone’s issues this time, I’d be happy to hold another workshop in a few weeks or work with you privately.

What Will I Teach?

Unlike personal trainers and running coaches, I don’t tell you what to do—I help you discover what you are doing that you don’t need to do. An Alexander Technique teacher is a unique kind of educator, not a physical therapist. (If you have medical issues, please see your GP.)

What Will Happen in This Class?

I’ll make a very brief (few seconds) video as you run. Then we’ll watch it to evaluate where you’re strong and where we can make improvements to your form, gait, stride, and so on.

I’ll introduce F. M. Alexander’s discovery of how the head balances at the top of the spine. This balance affects every other system in the body and is important to doing all of our activities without pain and strain:

  • Walking and running
  • Warming up and stretching
  • Texting
  • Working at a computer
  • Doing ordinary things around the house


I’ll work with you individually and in pairs on overall form to find where and how you’re holding excess tension that interferes with your running.

This will involve my gently putting my hands on you. If we work in pairs, you will gently put hands on your partner.

You’ll run, say, no more than 30 or so feet one way and back several times as your classmates and I observe you in a non-critical way.

Videos? I will see if I can manage this. If yes, with your permission, I’ll film you before and after I work with you. I’ll then send your video only to you for privacy.


Early-Bird Special:

$60.00 (sixty dollars) for the two-hour class

Pay $70.00 and bring a friend for free!

Regular Fees:

$65.00 (sixty-five dollars) for yourself only

If you sign up but can’t attend, you can apply the fee to a future workshop. No refunds will be available.